Allocutio – June 2022

Chapter 11 (5) of the Handbook talks about the weekly meeting of the praesidium. It is “the heart”, “the power house”, “the treasury” etc. If members do not attend the weekly meeting, there will be something missing in the group. If it is “the treasury”, members who do not attend will not be able to take away the “wealth” it contains. As it was said in the Gospel, when two or three people get together in the name of Jesus, He will be among us. So, at weekly meetings, when members gather together, Christ is certainly among us. The Legion of Mary is a group whereby good soldiers are trained. The president assigns duties to members who are “imbued with the spirit of religious discipline, which looks first to the pleasing of God and personal sanctification; then to the organization which is best calculated to achieve these ends, and then proceeds to do the work assigned, subordinating private likings.” The most sacred duty of a Legionary is at the weekly meeting, nothing can replace it. When a weekly meeting is not attended, it will be “like a body without a soul”. If assignments are not reported at the weekly meeting, there is no difference from other organizations undertaking volunteer work. When we report on our assignments, we can realize the grace of God, the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the support of Mary. Please reflect: what is the reason for taking leave?

Similarly, attending the monthly meeting of the Curia is the duty of each praesidium officer, this is specifically stated in the Handbook on the responsibilities of the officers, the first duty of which is “to attend the meetings of the Curia”. Without the participation of praesidia officers, the meeting will be dull. The Comitium has a special mission, that is, a supervisory role in leading the Legion of Mary of Hong Kong, but this is not only the duty of the few Comitium officers, the whole Comitium had to assist in supervising all Curiae in Hong Kong, praesidia officers can render their opinions and advice on this role. “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find”, the reward from God will be a hundredfold!

Sharing from the President
Sr. Maria Tam
19 June 2022