Allocutio – August 2022

Last Sunday, we had our Congress when we discussed on two main topics: Devotion to Mary and the Legion Apostolate. If we look from the evangelisation aspect, we may emphasize on how well we complete each week’s assignment and our reflection on the work we have accomplished. However, to do well our assignment, we must perform active work in unity with Mary, and share God’s love to all we encounter.

The success of our Congress relied on the support of all members. The Legion of Mary is a lay organization, but, Brother Frank Duff has designated a Spiritual Director (mainly priests) to give spiritual advice and support, so that the organization is truly a spiritual organization, and a legion under the leadership of Mary. Although all praesidia had members attending the Congress last week, it was a pity that there were a number of members absent due to various reasons. Therefore, praesidia officers had a duty to act as a bridge so that all messages could be passed to all members. Later on, when the Congress organizing committee deliver their report and suggestion, hopefully there will be a sharing session to follow up all suggestions.

The Legion of Mary of Hong Kong is faced with many challenges: although the Concilium has approved that the Comitium be upgraded to Regia, and to establish an English speaking Comitium, during the process of division of the Curiae, problems of praesidia not having enough members and assignments, lacking of Legionary spirit, etc. were revealed which hindered future development. Therefore, at the same time when extension is in progress, we need to strengthen the spiritual aspect of praesidia. To achieve this, members’ spiritual lives should be of first and utmost importance. Only if we have a substantial spiritual life that we can live out our religious belief. Only if we have a lively religion that we can live a Legionary life with vitality and achieve our ultimate Legionary spirit: “Glorify God through the holiness of its members, sanctify oneself and others”.

Our Rev. Bishop Stephen Chow is not familiar with the Legion of Mary, but, he affirmed that there is space and need for development. We should activate the Legion spirit as stated in the Handbook which, I believe, must be led by the Holy Spirit. So, in future, we will concentrate more on formation in order to train the Legionaries into a mature member of the Legion of Mary, Catholic and social citizen.

Spiritual Director
Fr. Francis Tam
21 August 2022