Allocutio – September 2022

Chapter 28 of the Handbook talks about the Regia and the government of the Legion. Besides extension, we should have a wider perspective. Aside from extending our presence physically, we should also improve ourselves spiritually. There is a need for spiritual formation as the Legion of Mary is a spiritual organization. Reading the book “True Devotion to Mary” can be the first step. Marian Theology has taken a step forward in some aspects, and the Church is also advancing, for example, the introduction of “ Synodality” is to invite everyone to discuss and listen to each other. Hence, the development of the Legion of Mary must take root in our spiritual formation.

What is today’s Marian Theology? Our Legionary work should not only emphasize on the hours that we have worked. We should learn from the spirit of Mary, and her devotion towards Jesus Christ. The first thing we can do is to read classical readings, such as, “True Devotion to Mary”; secondly, we have to deepen our knowledge on how to connect Marian devotion with the spirit of the Legion of Mary, and progress forward. Formation of praesidium officers and curia officers are necessary so that they can lead the Legion of Mary forward. The Bishop’s approval of the raising of the Comitium to Regia means that the Legion of Mary had to improve, Chinese or English members alike, should prepare for better formation and understanding of their positions. Since we are a spiritual organization, we should glorify God through our Legionary work!

Spiritual Director
Fr. Francis Tam
18 September 2022