Allocutio – April 2021

In today’s Gospel, Luke 24:35-48, it mentioned how the disciples met Jesus on their way to Emmaus, then they returned to Jerusalem. Because they were confused and disturbed at that time, they could not recognize Jesus, everything which were familiar seemed to have changed. When facing the new environment, they felt anxious and insecure. Just as we have to face the pandemic and the use of vaccine, we feel unsafe. The world now is in a confused state. When faced with the pandemic, people felt insecure because men thought they could control everything, but in reality, they could not. When Jesus died, the disciples all hid away, they were scared and afraid because they wanted to live in their comfort zone only. When Jesus said, “Peace be with you!”, He wanted to bring peace to all mankind in communion. People are living in divergences in society today, when Jesus said, “peace”, He wanted to fulfil His dream by bringing a gift of communion of peace to mankind, His target was to “bring all mankind together” in unity. When we look at the officers at the Concilium, they have a firm attitude because they have to uphold the spirit of the Legion of Mary, that is, unity. We will face difficulties, e.g. the division of Curia – it will be difficult as everyone wants to stay in their comfort zone and don’t want any change; the difficulty in looking for Spiritual Directors – everyone wants to find someone they like as Spiritual Director, etc. The Handbook specifically stated that the Praesidium, had to obey the parish priest – we have to give way in some circumstances but should not contradict the spirit of the Handbook, we have to be the witnesses of God. When a member is assigned to work, he is to bring Jesus’ love to everyone he meets, and realizes the spirit of the Legion of Mary by bringing love and peace to the world. Through Mary, Jesus united the disciples who were confused, then He retired behind the scene and let the disciples take the lead. Legionaries’ duty is to practise apostolic work, evangelization is part of it. Jesus’ resurrection brings us peace and not insecure self-protection.

Spiritual Director
Fr. Francis Tam
April 2021