Allocutio – May 2021

The mystery of the Holy Trinity is difficult to understand. St. Thomas said that, nativity of the Lord is for the atonement of mankind. St. Bonaventure added that the Holy Trinity could be divided into 3 : The Father – the creation, Jesus – the salvation and the Holy Spirit – the sanctification. These explanations are not incorrect but we shouldn’t look at them separately, just like the love of parents, it cannot be divided up. The Father loves the Son, the Son loves the Father in response to the Father’s love, and the two loves each other, the Holy Spirit is the driving force. The Holy Trinity is our lives, we need to reflect the love of the Holy Trinity in our daily lives, the Holy Trinity is the motivation of love which enables creation. When man is being loved, he has to respond to it. Although problems were created by Adam and Eve, God’s love towards mankind is without reservation, God loves us “to the end”, so that men can reflect God’s love in their daily lives. God’s creation, the nativity of Jesus and the appearance of the Holy Trinity cannot be segregated, therefore, the Church is Jesus, and Jesus is the Church. The Church is for all believers, the connection between Jesus and religious groups is faith, and faith is expressed through love. However, 90% of people now are more geared towards material life and those who are more concerned with spirituality is only 10%. The transformation and sanctification of life is the spirit’s entrance into God’s happiness. The spirit is unquenchable and the formation of spirituality is important. The mystery of the Holy Trinity is Jesus’ endless love, do not only be concerned with the physical life but more so with spiritual life. The Legion of Mary is not only a group for working assignments, but also a praying and devotional group – a group for spirituality. We have to take care of our souls, including ourselves and others’ spirituality. It’s God’s grace that the Legion of Mary has been established for 100 years, we have to work harder to realize our mission.

Spiritual Director
Fr. Francis Tam
30 May 2021