Background And Reasons For The Upgrade

In 2019, when we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Legion of Mary, Hong Kong, the Comitium’s Spiritual Director, Fr. Francis Tam, President, Maria Tam, and Secretary, Blossom Lee, visited the Concilium in Dublin and reported on the circumstances of the Legion of Mary in Hong Kong. 2 main focus on the report was:

  1. Extension
    As the population of Hong Kong has extended towards the north-western part of the New Territories, there is a lack of presence of the Legion of Mary in some parishes; also, in some older districts there are still no Legion of Mary and those should be the target of extension.
  2. An overview of the Curiae
    In some older districts where the Legion of Mary has long been established, there are more than 20 praesidia in the Curia and in particular, the increasing number of Filipino helpers in Hong Kong led to the increasing number of members, an English Curia has to take care of
    more than 27 praesidia which made it difficult to manage.

The Concilium instantly made a suggestion that we should divide the Curia, each Curia should manage only 12 to 15 praesidia so that the Curia can manage and take better care of all the praesidia.

When we returned to Hong Kong, the Comitium started to discuss the division with various Curiae. Up to now, we have divided the original 12 Curiae into 16 Curiae for better communication and management. The process is still going on, Comitium officers have continued communication and ongoing discussion with Curiae officers in order to work out a practical and ideal proposal for all.

After the division, the Comitium had to manage more Curiae, hence, raising of the Comitium became essential. In a meeting in mid-June, the Concilium approved the raising of the Hong Kong Comitium to Regia, and Chinese is the main language. Further, the English Curia, Curia Caritas, will be upgraded to Comitium (English), with English as their main language, thus managing all English-speaking Curia in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. The Comitium (English) will directly affiliate to the Regia. The Most Rev. Bishop Stephen Chow has also kindly supported and encouraged the said upgrading and we are most grateful for his support!

From now on, we hope that all Legionaries, especially the praesidia at parishes, will work hard in the “glory of God, through the holiness of its members in sanctifying oneself and others”. We are always accompanied by Mary in the extension of the Legion of Mary and in rescuing lost souls!

If there is any query, please address your enquiries to the officers of the Regia direct. Thank you!

May the Lord’s peace be with you all!

Legion of Mary, Hong Kong Regia
26th September 2022