Allocutio – March 2023

In today’s Spiritual Reading, we read the 4th Standing Instruction as we realized that recently, news about the Comitium have been released and spread around unexpectedly. We will not trace the source but only want to remind everyone of the principle of “absolute respect for confidentiality” as stated in the 4th Standing Instruction.

The 1st Standing Instruction requires the punctuality and regularity of attendance at weekly praesidium meetings. Attendance is not only a number but more importantly, is the relationship among members. The 2nd Standing Instruction reminds us to recite the Catena every day. The Catena is extracted from the Magnificat, it connects us with Our Lady and is the most intimate prayer to link us with Mary. The 3rd Standing Instruction is to perform our substantial active Legionary work in the spirit of faith and in union with Mary. The Legion of Mary is an organization of love, this cannot be achieved without fervent prayers. Through faith and love, we share our experience of our work in the weekly meeting. The number of hours worked is not as significant, but the experience and reflections are, this is the Passover of oneself. More importantly, we should see the Person of our Lord in those we worked for and in our fellow members. The 4th Standing Instruction states that we should have absolute respect for the confidential nature of many matters discussed at the meeting or learned in connection with the Legionary work. We may hear sharing and exchange during the meeting which are shared as others trusted the Legionary, and through these sharing, we can improve. Hence, confidentiality must be kept! Please reflect if you have complied with each Instruction. Is there any difficulty?

The part on the Spiritual Reading reminds us on the importance of reading the Handbook. It is not enough only to read or share without meditating on the contents of the Spiritual Reading. Some Spiritual Directors may not be familiar with the contents of the Handbook, in which case, it is advisable to study the Handbook together with the Spiritual Director. Whenever we encounter any problems, we should refer to the Handbook and ponder on the spirit of the Handbook. Starting with a prayer, we may then find out the answer and should further reflect on its meaning. There is no paraphrasis of the Handbook, each district is different and so is the local church. Interpretation comes from the higher Council and hence, we should include our reflections in reading the Handbook. It is advisable to read the Handbook together with the Bible and if necessary, refer to the Code of the Catholic Law. Therefore, we should be reading the Handbook from the spiritual aspect, seek the essence of the spirit, and let it be part of our daily lives.

Spiritual Director
Fr. Francis Tam
19 March 2023